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“OsteopathiCenter” is the center of Osteopathic Care founded and directed by Bruno Rosemblaum, BPT- DO Osteopath and Physical Therapist. The center has a team of D.O Osteopaths spread throughout Israel and provides consultations by appointment 6 days a week.
Practitioners of “OsteopathiCenter” are all graduates of European schools or IIFO Israeli School of Osteopathy, Wingate.
Bruno Rosemblaum, director of the Center treats since 1992 in his clinic in Tel Aviv and is co-founder of the IIFO Israeli School of Osteopathy, in collaboration with the Institute Wingate. Its aspiration to participate in the development of Osteopathy in Israel is behind the creation of “OsteopathiCenter”.

Osteopathy in israel ? what is that?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on bone or muscle manipulation using pressure techniques, stretching or twisting.
This technique has emerged in the nineteenth century in the United States. Its founder, Dr. Still was assumed that the welfare of the human body is related to the functioning of the locomotor system (skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves …).The best results are obtained on the so-called problems “functional” that is to say, the pain of which we do not find the cause, but that may interfere with daily life, vertebral, rib and joint pain, tendonitis, muscle pain and trauma , headache, headache headaches and dizziness.

Fields of application:

Its scope is very wide. Osteopathy can support both spinal problems as problems from migraines, depression, ENT problems recurrent in the baby or child, etc.
The Osteopath is working increasingly closely with the medical established community.
Osteopathy can relief and help for:
• joint pain, back pain, neck pain, sprains, tendonitis
• digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach acid, hepatobiliary
• following trauma, shock, diverse nature of accidents
• In the accompaniment of infancy (regurgitation, colic, nervousness, sleep disturbances)
• asthma, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, ear infections, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis
• In depression, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
• In circulation disorders, heavy legs, hemorrhoids
• pregnant women: pregnancy care, postpartum support, advice

Also, be aware that osteopathy can help in bringing preventive answers to athletes, children and elderly in their quest for a daily balance.

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