Osteopath in Tel Aviv – a new pain killer on an international level

Osteopathy has been a very popular method in the world for a long time now and is doing wonders for people to cure pain such as knee pain, neck pain, back pain, migraines, asthma etc. Now u can enjoy this method in Tel Aviv!

For Example, in England the mothed is already an alternative word to medicine and is considered as dignified as being a doctor. In Israel today there are a few distinguished establishments that are training many osteopathists.

In Australia this method is also popular. More and more youngsters are going to learn this method at the most distinguished establishments.

In the USA, where the method was created , it is customary to give osteopaths the honorary title of DO , meaning doctor of osteopath.

In Tel Aviv, like many other capital cities in the world, they understand the importance of the therapist, the osteopath. Many people are looking for alternative treatment methods because they are very disappointed with the conventional treating methods and medicine.

Bruno Rozenblum, who brought this method to Israel and the teacher of many future osteopaths, Sais:

“Believe it or not, but Osteopathy is already developed in Israel, those of you who don’t know the methods and still need proof should know that it is already working world wide and almost every person who goes to see a doctor also has an osteopath. The Osteopathy is a natural method so is obviously healthier and preferred. The osteopath listens to the patient’s body and his needs without medicine or unnecessary injections”.

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